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At Allison’s Flooring Installation, we think carpet gets a bad rap. After all, a full line of attractive, high-quality fibers like ours are easy on the feet and joints, sound-absorbing, and the safest option for children and the elderly, all the while providing great insulation with energy-saving properties, particularly throughout the winter months. Whether you go with a high-end wool carpet or something more affordable, Allison’s Flooring only carries high-quality carpet that we consider attractive so you really can’t go wrong. At Allison’s Flooring Installation, we even carry carpet that serves to improve your room’s acoustics, enhancing sound quality. Likewise, environmental noises, like the hum of traffic or the din of garbage pick-up, are minimized by rooms that have been professionally fitted with carpet. Plus, our vast array of carpet colors, fibers, and designs means there’s something for just about every home and business owner. If you’ve found yourself unimpressed with old or outdated carpet, we invite you to see carpets anew with Allison’s Flooring Installation, one of Louisville’s best-reviewed contracting teams. Our carpets have styles all their own from luxurious and elegant to casual and comfortable, featuring shock-absorbing flexibility and cushioning underfoot that no other flooring material can rival.

Allison’s Flooring specializes in simplified installation plans and a wide range of options. Whether your main consideration is luxury, durability, lower prices, or easier maintenance, Allison’s Flooring Installation has solutions you can feel good about for many years to come. As a top-rated local Louisville contracting team, Allison’s Flooring cultivates long-term relationships, offering unmatched customer care and the highest quality inventory of carpet, hardwood, vinyl plank, laminate, tile, waterproof flooring, and more. In addition, you can rest assured, our team is COVID-compliant, following all of the CDC’s guidelines.