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We Stand Behind What You Stand On







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Flooring Installation

Kentucky’s First Choice For

Flooring Installation

Allison’s Flooring specializes in simplified installation plans and a wide range of options. Whether your main consideration is luxury, durability, lower prices, or easier maintenance, Allison’s Flooring Installation has solutions you can feel good about for many years to come. As a top-rated local Louisville contracting team, Allison’s Flooring cultivates long-term relationships, offering unmatched customer care and the highest quality inventory of carpet, hardwood, vinyl plank, laminate, tile, waterproof flooring, and more. In addition, you can rest assured, our team is COVID-compliant, following all of the CDC’s guidelines. 

At Allison’s Flooring, we understand that when you’re looking to hire the best flooring installation, a contractor’s reviews and local reputation are a matter of real consequence. While we believe our work speaks for itself, we appreciate the fact that our customers have spoken on our behalf as well as we maintain our position among Louisville’s best-reviewed flooring installation teams! Thinking of flooring solutions in terms of high-moisture areas, pet-friendly areas, or just low-maintenance areas? Allison’s has solutions for all considerations!

Expect More from your floor with Allison’s Flooring, Louisville’s 5-Star Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl Plank, Laminate, and Tile Installation

In our view, your bathroom, living room, and kitchen floor should be more than simply tolerable—your flooring should contribute to a warm and inviting environment. You and your family deserve nothing less. At Allison’s Flooring Installation, we operate with the simple belief that it’s not a house—it’s a home, which is why we remain determined as a team to provide the highest quality products and the highest standard of craftsmanship on every project we commit to. From the timeless look of hardwood flooring to the fun, graphic options, patterns, and textures available in vinyl plank flooring, Allison’s Flooring Installation is sure to increase your home’s resale value with floors that are built to last. Do you need flooring with increased support because your home activity levels are high? Or maybe you just want floors that are easy to clean or floors that offer insulation properties to reduce drafts and energy bills. Maybe you’re considering scratch, stain, or spill-resistant floors, as so many other families do. Rest assured, Allison’s Flooring is prepared to help advise and install with an inventory that is sure to contain an attractive, durable flooring solution, perfectly complementing your home or building. Allison’s Flooring is determined to provide affordable high-quality flooring solutions throughout the Jeffersonville and Louisville communities, and we look forward to proving our reputation!

Three Questions to Ask When Hiring a Local Louisville Flooring Installation Team

1.) What Kind of Local Louisville Reputation Do They Have?

Before hiring a flooring installation team, we always encourage customers to ask around. Or simply scout out the contractor’s online reputation. In the case of Allison’s Flooring, you can rest assured, quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of every project we take on. We’re appreciative of our customers who have taken the time to confirm that with an online review! Thank you.

2.) How Will They Contain Dust and Handle Clean-Up?

Prepping a room for new flooring and the actual installation can create a serious mess. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask how your flooring team will protect window furnishings, lighting fixtures, and large appliances. At Allison’s Flooring, we always ensure your belongings are well-protected! We’re among Louisville’s best-reviewed flooring installation teams for a good reason!

3.) How Long Will My Flooring Installation Job Take?

This question is more important than most homeowners realize. All too often, inexperienced flooring teams promise timelines that they cannot stick to. Don’t hesitate to ask a flooring team for information on how the project will progress, including lead times for product (when it will be delivered, the length of the acclimation process). Rest assured, Allison’s Flooring always delivers within the time span that is laid out in the beginning stages.