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Allison’s Flooring Installation FAQ


What Are the Major Differences Between Wood, Vinyl Plank, and Laminate Flooring?

While all three materials can be produced to simulate the look of wood, hardwood is the only option that is made using the durability of 100% real wood. Plenty of vinyl plank and laminate flooring does contain real wood components but both are amalgams, made using a different set of materials that are layered together. Unlike hardwood, however, both can be installed on any grade in any room of the home. Wood has a timeless, refined quality and it appeals to people from all walks of life. Then again, there are laminate and vinyl plank products that have water-resistant, and even waterproof properties, standing up to moisture where real wood cannot. Plus, vinyl plank and laminate flooring options are more affordable than hardwood floors.

Which Rooms Are Best for Hardwood, Vinyl Plank, and Laminate Flooring?

Most people find hardwood flooring to be impressive, which makes it great for shared spaces like the living room. Of course, you can always install hardwood in the dining room and bedrooms as well.

How Do You Clean and Maintain Hardwood, Vinyl Plank, and Laminate Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is relatively simple to care for. Allison’s Flooring recommends sweeping regularly with a dust mop or soft broom, avoiding wet or steam mops (these have been known to cause moisture damage). You can also place throw rugs and mats at all entrances to help prevent wear and tear from foot traffic.

You can use the same maintenance for vinyl plank and laminate floors, as area rugs are good for preserving all flooring types. We also encourage homeowners to avoid walking on laminate with high heels or cleats. It’s also a good idea to place protective pads underneath all furniture. The best cleaner for vinyl plank flooring is usually the one recommended by your manufacturer. These cleaners are generally non-sudsy and free of artificial coloring. The cleaners are also free of harsh chemicals. As for how to clean vinyl plank flooring, it’s safe to use a damp mop with a felt cloth to dry.